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Our Services

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Car Park Lining

From large firms to small businesses, we believe Tomras Road Markings could benefit your business. Our car park lining service shows existing clients, employees and potential new clients that your premises are operating well, and you take the safety and convenience of those you work with seriously. There’s only one chance to make a good first impression so whether your markings have faded or you’re looking to create a car park from scratch, we can help you breathe some new life into your exteriors. In addition to our exteriors work, we can also offer our assistance for warehouse clients including creating indoor pedestrian walkways, safe routes, bay numbering and bay marking.

If you think we could benefit your organisation or you’re a local authority looking for a reliable, trustworthy firm to help with road markings, contact Tomras Road Markings today. We personable, approachable and take pride in offering competitive rates without ever compromising on quality.

Road Marking

At Tomras Road Markings, we use Thermoplastic. This is a road surface paint mixture mainly comprised of synthetic resins, waxes, glass beads and filler materials such as calcium carbonate and calcined flint. This is primarily used for long term line markings purposes due to the high-end durability obtained from their materials, thermoplastic line markings are one of the most commonly used road line marking applications in parking areas and roadways.

Using thermoplastic is a great way to improve the safety of vehicle owners to the especially in wet conditions and at night. The glass beads used in the coating produce reflectivity that results in night-time visibility for all from pedestrians to bike riders and drivers of heavy vehicles.

Coloured Surfacing

Tomras Road Markings can provide coloured surfaces in the number of colours, to the: parking bays,special need bays(parent and child,disabled),electric car charging bays, walkways, safety routes, pedestrian and vehicle crossings, cycle paths ectc.